Green Homes Sustainable Development

The Sustainable development is a type of development which meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of the future generations to meet their needs. This resource is used to aim and meet the human needs with the main purpose of preserving the environment. This development carries together the concern for the carrying capacity of the natural systems. Sustainable Development is broken into three parts which are: Economic sustainability, sociopolitical sustainability and environmental sustainability.

Green homes are based on sustainable systems for building. Green homes are the type of houses which are designed to be sustainable and environmental friendly, which are focus on the efficient used of water, energy and building materials. Green homes are built with the purpose of improving indoor air quality, to conserve energy and water, the use of recycled, sustainable and used building materials producing less waste on the building process. Green homes helps its occupants to save energy bills. Nowadays in most countries of the world you will be able to find Green homes for sale.

Eco houses are a type of environmental rating scheme for homes on the United Kingdom. Eco houses were first develop and commercialize on 2000. This type of homes can be applied to social housing, new private housing and refurbishment. On 2003 this type of homes became mandatory for the build of Social housing.

Ecological houses are modeled on the energy and material flows of natural ecosystems. Ecological houses conserves the valuable resources of water, energy, materials and food. This type of houses produces more of these vital resources than it uses.

The three categories of homes mentioned are types of housing that uses renewable energy also known as RD for the resulting of having a healthy environment. RD is a type of energy which comes from natural resources such as wind, rain, sun, geothermal heat and tides. The majority of people consider RD as the best way from preventing global warming and climate change. RD sources are a type of environmentally friendly sources of energy that do not cause pollution on our environment like other sources do.

The hydro electric generator is a term which refers to electricity generated by hydropower. Is the most widely used form of RD. Hydropower is a type of power which is derived from the energy or force of moving water. It is used for the operation of various machines such as sawmills dock cranes, domestic lifts, watermills, textile machines and irrigation. The advantage of hydroelectricity is that it eliminates the cost of fuel.

Solar panels are electrical a large array of solar cells which are connected. They collect solar radiation and convert it to electricity. A Solar panel is used as a component to generate and supply electricity in residential and commercial applications. People installed this panels on their homes to be provided with hot water.

A Wind turbine converts kinetic energy from the wind into mechanic energy. There are two types of wind turbines which are: Horizontal and vertical axis. Most people used wind power because is a clean energy source, which creates cost effective, reliability and pollution free energy. Nowadays people should think about preserving a healthy and friendly environment for a better present and future.

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