Sustainable Develoment Books

Daniel Chira is one of the world’s best known promoters of sustainable development. His work was dedicated to finding ways in which one could promote sustainable development in terms of saving energy. We all know nowadays that energy is one of the most expensive and non-renewable type of resource. Here one can learn more about his books and the ways in which he chose to share his knowledge, experience and passion for the environment.

One of his books was called ‘The Natural House: A Complete Guide to Healthy, Energy-Efficient, Environmental Homes’. Dan Chira examined fourteen natural building methods and tried to provide his readers with an objective overview on how much these techniques would cost them both in terms of money and time, as well as he offered various pros and cons with every of the types of building that he had studied. These include straw bale, rammed earth, adobe, earth bags and papercrete among others. The end of the book could be useful for those who wanted to learn more about specific issues.

Chira Dan is also the author of ‘The Solar House- Passive solar heating’ in which he studies several approaches to energy saving known as natural conditioning meaning providing comfort throughout the year by reducing or even eliminating the need for fuel or heating or cooling systems. He emphasized the long term efficiency on one’s bills and on the environment that could be brought around by solar heating systems used at the same time with wind energy system which would be used for cooling. Yet, according to his views, architects use too little the principles he examines, although things start to improve.

Daniel Chira is nevertheless the author of The New Ecological Home- A Complete Guide to Green Building Options. The books can be used as a comprehensive guide on how to minimize the costs of maintaining a house and reducing the impact that this has on the environment.

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