Saving the Planet Speech

Many ecologists and researchers are doing research on how the planet has been affected by the human presence and by pollution as a result. Research has shown that pollution is due to a great number of factors when is comes to humans and the planet. Pollution comes most often from human waste and waste generated by industrial factories around the world but there are other factors such as animal farming and other types of farming that generates waste as well. In the case of vegetable farming, this type of farming also generates much pollution from pesticides and herbicides that are used to help to kill plants and bugs. These harmful chemicals end up in our food and some can even be harmful to humans because of this. Animal farming generates waste that is a threat to many natural habitats. For example, pig farming results in giant lagoons of pig waste that are so toxic they are a danger to the people that surround the lagoon for miles. If a person falls into a pig waste lagoon they will almost surely die in addition to this. The government has yet to do much about the regulation of these lagoons and if enough time passes the waste from these lagoons will be in more residential areas as opposed to in designated country sides. If something is not done about this problem this could be a health concern to the general population.

When it comes to going green and learning how to save the planet, there are a number of things that you can do to get involved. Saving the planet may be as easy as being conscious of the waste that you create on a daily basis. Learning to recycle properly and dispose of waste in a proper manner is a big step in the direction of helping to save the environment. If we all work together on this then we may be able to realize a more positive outlook for the planet.

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